SplinterPro is a third party application that improves user performance in the popular digital NFT trading card game, Splinterlands.


The SplinterPro Project is an opportunity to provide value to the Splinterlands community and provide a new revenue stream to investors and developers.
It is our goal to aggregate battle data to assist players as they are entering battle lineups while playing Splinterlands in real time. Similar third party tools are in use for other popular digital trading card games (i.e. Hearthstones: HearthPwn - Innkeeper.) It is not in scope to help players gain advantage in higher leagues. Our tool will only be available when players enter Bronze, Silver & Gold Ranked play.
A healthy game meta is essential for the success of the ecosystem. We aim to design our experience to mentor players. Given the random nature of hit-rates there is no way to predict battles with 100% accuracy. We can however present lineups in specific situations that have a higher probability of success.
In time as new features are developed our services must adapt. Land expansion and the advent of potions and items will drastically alter the meta. It is our hope to be able to capture these changes as they are happening and present insights to our members. We will also expand our services to deliver value to our members outside of the heat of battle. SPS proposal and land management assistance are also on our roadmap.
It is not our goal to replace/encroach on sites that already have carved out a place in the 3rd party market (i.e. peakmonsters.com, monstermarket.io). We do see opportunities to integrate with these third party sites to offer users a way to easily upgrade decks to become more competitive.
Lastly, developing strong partnership with the extremely talented developers, designers and dreamers of the existing Splinterlands community is paramount to the success of our endeavor.
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